All consignment inquiries must be made by email at EC will reply to emails within 24 to 48 hours. No telephone inquiries.

ACCEPTANCE:  Final acceptance of items determined at delivery to the showroom. Damages, repairs or general condition not fully disclosed can result in rejection. EC retains the right to display items for sale as they see fit. Acceptance may be contingent on consignor paying disposal fees if item is unsold at the end of term.

The consignment term is 1 year from receipt of goods. After 1 year, unsold items become property of EC to dispose, donate, retain or liquidate at their sole discretion. EC will have no obligation to pay the consignor after the end of term date.

Items received that require cleaning, detailing, and/or any minor repairs not disclosed before acceptance will be serviced and the consignor account will be charged a service fee that will be deducted from the first payout.

DELIVERY TO EC:  Delivery of consignments to EC is the consignor’s responsibility. Use of insured moving service is required for all items that require two people to move. Certificate of insurance will be required from the moving company.

Ownership of your item(s) is transferred to EC once your delivery is complete. If you decide to retrieve any unsold items before the end of your term, EC will make those unsold items available for picked up and assist in securing a 3rd party moving company. Refer to Retrieval of Consignments section.

RETRIEVAL OF CONSIGNMENTS:  At the end of term, the consignor will have no claims on consigned items and no retrieval of consignment items after account closure.
If Items are retrieved before the end of term a handling fee of 10% of the tagged price will be charged. Retrieval date/time will be scheduled by email request before showroom operating hours and select days. Generally, retrieval days are Wednesdays (subject to change).

If consignment was delivered using a 3rd party moving company, EC will schedule delivery of unsold items with a professional moving company and consignor. Delivery dates are typically Wednesdays or any other non-showroom operating hours. EC team will confirm retrieval date and time by email.

PAYOUTS: Consignor payout is calculated on 50% of the selling price. Where an item is sold below the original sale price, the payout is calculated on the reduced selling price. Your payout balance expires 12 months after the first day of your account setup date.

Payout checks are issued first Tuesday of each month or next business day if it’s a holiday with balances of $100 or more. Consigner is responsible for collecting funds due for items sold. EC does not mail checks as a matter of course. Upon request, EC may mail a check to the Consignor. If a check is lost in the mail, a replacement check will be issued after 30 days from the issue date of the original check. A bank fee of $35 will be deducted from the consignors’ account balance.

PRICE ASSESSMENT: EC sets final selling price after items are approved and accepted at the showroom. Selling price is based on style, age, condition, level of supply and demand and numerous other factors. EC reserves the right to sell items below the original selling price with reductions as EC deems appropriate.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: EC is not responsible for loss, theft or damage to Consignor goods from any causes what so ever. Delivery of goods to EC constitutes the Consignor’s acceptance of the above stated terms.


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